Has your household waste changed during these strange times?


During the past few months, the world has changed as we once knew it, and we’ve found ourselves flung into a whole new way of living.

We’ve all heard about the positive impacts on the environment during these strange times, with less planes in the sky and cars on the road, many once populated areas are now seeing vast environmental improvements.  Venice has seen their waterways clear for the first time in years, and toxic air has reduced by 50% in London’s busiest areas. It’s fantastic to see these changes, but will they be temporary?

In our industry we’ve also seen a positive reduction in household waste, during the peak of the outbreak local areas found themselves without their usual recycling centres, and with many of us spending more time at home it’s easy to think we could be producing a lot more waste. However, with households being more frugal with purchases, and government induced limits on time spent out and about, it has meant overall household waste is lower than usual.

It’s reported each person produces nearly half a tonne of municipal waste per year on average, which means that every week more than 20kg of waste is generated per household. Have you noticed a change in your own waste management during these unprecedented times?

With some positive environmental changes happening in a less than positive climate it’s a welcome change to our lifestyles, and one we, at PSH Environmental, hope continues. Our work with local waste management in Norfolk means we receive, process and most importantly recycle up to 150,000 tons of waste using our fleet of vehicles including skip, roll on and tipper lorries.

We’re passionate about waste management and our meticulous yard reflects just that. With every skip collected we ensure each is sorted to ensure nothing goes to landfill – this is certainly something we’ve found solace in during these unprecedented times with more and more people taking time to learn how to correctly dispose of waste, and more importantly where it goes after you’ve disposed of it and it’s left your property.

If you’ve found reducing waste difficult or you’d like to do more to help, why not check out some of our handy tips to reducing your household waste.  


During these times especially, we should be thinking twice about what is being thrown away that could otherwise be repurposed to further it’s lifespan. Use old envelopes as scrap paper, bottles can be used for crafts, and food waste can be added to a compost bin to eventually be broken down into fantastic fertiliser for your very own garden. Or make some spare cash by selling your unwanted items – one man’s trash is another’s treasure as they say.  

Think before you buy.

These days we are faced with many options when it comes to buying food produce. Instead of buying products with excessive packaging why not buy the loose items, or better still order from local companies. During these strange times, we’re sure you’ve probably discovered a few new local delivery services, these businesses often deliver using minimal packaging, thus making your household waste already much better.


It can be frustrating to receive endless amounts of junk mail through the letterbox, but with a few quick actions you’ll soon see a reduction in junk. Firstly, think about adding a ‘no junk mail’ sign on your door, next contact Royal Mail and request them to stop delivering leaflets and brochures that you have no interest in. If you find yourself still receiving mail for the previous owners, consider returning to the sender with “unsolicited mail, return to sender” on the envelope.

Here at PSH Environmental, we work closely with the Norfolk County Council and large waste management companies to receive and divert almost all waste from landfill, and with your help we’re already helping the environment.

If you’ve had a clear out or have renovated the home and garden and wish to order a skip to dispose of your household waste, use our online booking forms or call us on 01603 721533.

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