Time for a spring clean? Not sure how to dispose of your domestic waste?

10 February 2020

With spring fast approaching, it feels like the time is right for a good old fashioned spring clean.

We have been busy sprucing up the yard, ready for another busy year and many of our customers are doing the same.

When you embark on decluttering your home, tidying your garden or doing a spot of DIY, knowing where you can dispose of your waste can seem like a minefield. Especially, when there have been lots of changes in regulations at local recycling centres, just like we have experienced in Norfolk over the past few years.

How much does it cost to throw away DIY waste in Norfolk?

Recycling centres, often fondly referred to as “the tip” are now following a “pay as you throw service”. Therefore, when you take DIY waste to the tip to be disposed of, you will be charged per bag or single item, with varying charges applied to different types of waste and a potential higher charge for mixed bags of waste.

This was a vital step to control the volumes of waste being thrown away and to prevent commercial waste being dumped at the recycling centres, but it does come at a cost to those who need to clear out homes and carry out DIY projects.

What is the alternative to using a recycling centre?

We are big advocates of recycling, so before you consider throwing large quantities of items away, see if your items can be donated to charity, sold on a website such as Gumtree or repurposed with a lick of paint.

When it comes to DIY waste, recycling centres can offer a convenient way to dispose of small quantities of waste. However, once the spring clean really commences, you may soon find that you are facing a car load worth of waste in need of disposal, which could end up becoming costly.

Domestic skips start from just £100 and deciding to hire one can prove to be a time saving option.

Will domestic waste still be recycled if it is put in a skip?

Rather than having to sort your waste into separate types before disposing of it, we will do all that for you.

Waste can be mixed in the skip (with the exception of plasterboard, for which we can provide plasterboard bags for) and our team will carefully sort it into separate material types at our yard. Thanks to a combination of expert, eagle-eyed staff and carefully engineered machinery, we will ensure that no matter the material, the vast majority of your waste will be recycled and reused as opposed to being sent to landfill. Most importantly, your waste will be disposed of correctly and responsibly, without you needing to do anything more than pop it into your skip.

Save time with our drop off and collect service.

In addition to not having to sort your waste, by using a skip, there are no time consuming tip runs.

Your skip will be delivered and left at your home for a week before being collected by one of our drivers, leaving you plenty of time for those last minute additions!

And remember, a skip also proves a great way to dispose of garden waste, should you decide to also clear your garden ready for the summer ahead!

Head over to our skips for hire page to book or call a member of our friendly team about your hire arrangements on 01603 721533.

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