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PSH Environmental Ltd is committed to ensuring all waste received is recycled wherever possible with the main objective being to achieve a ‘Landfill Diversion’ of 100%. In 2021 our landfill diversion was an impressive 99.9%, close but not 100%. In 2022, PSH Environmental Ltd fulfilled its main objective, reaching the 100% landfill diversion rate target. An objective which has become reality and something PSH Environmental Ltd are very proud of.

The main objective has been made possible through the passion and dedication of the whole team at PSH Environmental and a wholehearted thank-you goes to them for all their hard work. Their knowledge of the waste streams and understanding of the task in hand was an integral part of reaching our goal along with the investment in new processes, cutting edge technology and plant to convert the waste normally destined to landfill into RDF. The RDF is used as a fuel source to produce energy to help heat homes and produce energy vital for everyday use.

Although PSH has reached its main objective, our ambition is to push even further in 2023.  Significant investment will continue in new processes, training and technologies to further increase our recycling capabilities to create a circular economy and maintain a landfill diversion rate of 100%. 

We wish to thank all our valued customers for their support and endeavour to provide the best service we possibly can.

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