Terms and Conditions

  • P.S.H. Environmental Ltd. (“the Contractor”) will provide the customer with the use of skips for the storage and removal of waste subject to these terms and conditions.
  • The Contractor will comply with all special site conditions and safe working procedures that may be notified to and acknowledged in writing by the Contractor prior to the date of order of the skip. 

1. To ensure that waste is properly described and that such waste will at all times correspond in all material respects with the description given by the Customer.
2. The constituents of the waste shall be compatible and stable, and no hazard will arise through the mixing of constituents.
3. The skips provided will not be overloaded or improperly loaded and that no explosive, poisonous, noxious, or polluting substances will be placed in the skips.
4. Unless otherwise agreed not to place in the skip any fridges/freezers, television/computer screens, tyres, gas canisters, liquids, fluorescent tubes, asbestos or plasterboard. Plasterboard will be accepted if bagged, which is charged separately and notified by the Customer in advance of skip collection. Bags containing plasterboard must be put into the skip (below the top level of the skip) in order to be collected.
5. To provide a suitable and a safe means of vehicular access for the delivery and removal of skips. Placing skips/vehicles on block paving, slabbed driveways, soft and unlevel ground is done so at the Customer’s risk. PSH Environmental will not accept damage caused to a manhole or the Customer’s premises if the manhole, ground or site is not suitable for or capable of carrying the weight of a HGV.
6. To ensure the safety of all persons connected with the Contractor on the Customer’s premises.
7. To ensure that nothing is burnt in the skips nor place any marking on nor sublet or part with possession of any skip provided. The customer shall be responsible to the Contractor for any loss or damage to such skip and for the cost of repairs and expenses resulting from the Customer’s failure to take reasonable care.
8. Where skips provided are placed on a highway (whether public or private) or in any public place the Customer shall be responsible for the siting and lighting of the skip.
9. Skips not to be repositioned after siting.
10. The Customer shall bear all risks relating to the siting, loading and use of the Contractor’s equipment, servicing of the waste at the Customer’s premises and the customer shall indemnify the Contractor against all proceedings and claims for any loss, damage or personal injury arising from the Customer’s obligations, save where such may be caused by the negligence of the Contractor or its employees.
11. The Contractor shall not be responsible for any property deposited by the Customer or any other person in the skips provided and shall not be bound to return such property nor be liable for any loss or damage thereto.
12. The Contractor will endeavour to remove the skips and waste as requested by the Customer but removal at the time requested by the Customer shall not be a term or condition of this contract or to any third party for any loss caused by delay.
13. Under no circumstances shall a Customer be allowed to retain in its possession any skip provided for a period of time exceeding three months.
14. For non-account customers, skips will be collected after seven days unless otherwise agreed. Extension of the hire period can only be agreed if the Customer gives sufficient notice to the Contractor.
●Non-account Customers: Where the Customer does not have an account with the Contractor, the customer shall pay before delivery of the skip(s).
●Account Customers: Where the Customer has an account with the Contractor, the Customer shall pay the price invoiced (E&OE) within 30 days from the end of the month following the date of the invoice.
If payment is not made in accordance to the above, the Customer shall pay interest at a daily rate equivalent to 18% per annum on any balance outstanding. 

These terms and conditions and the details set out on your invoice shall constitute the entire contract between the Contractor and the Customer, no prior verbal agreements, arrangements, or presentations shall constitute or imply terms and conditions or warranties unless in writing and signed by the Customer and an employee of the Contractor’s Firm.

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Terms and Conditions

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