The Start of Parkers Skips

PSH was formerly known as ‘Parkers Skips’, and has been handed down through three generations of Parkers since it was established in 1985. Brothers Nigel and Martyn Parker started from humble beginnings, working in engineering whilst their father Alan was a lorry driver in the waste industry during the 1960s. The family used their experience to start up a waste management company, fabricating their own skips – most of which are still being used within the business today. 

Daniel Parker grew up watching and learning from his family navigating the ever-changing waste industry – and soon realised that PSH was where he belonged. He joined the ranks in 2012, with generations of knowledge and a mission to divert 100% of site waste away from landfill. Under Daniel’s leadership, the PSH team achieved this promise three years ago, and have been striving to improve their environmental impact ever since. A lot has changed since PSH first began, but their commitment to providing reliable, personal service and giving back to Norfolk’s community will continue to remain at the forefront.

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Pioneering the Waste and Recycling Industry

As our company has grown, we have reinvested into innovative technology to reduce carbon emissions with the mantra of ‘if you wanted to, you would’. We’re proud to have pioneered a solar powered electric shredder for our site, alongside a bespoke sorting method to fulfil our ‘0 waste to landfill’ promise. We’ll continue to adapt to the industry’s latest tech advancements so we can continue making adaptations to be kinder to the planet.


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Waste management processes

More Than Just a Skip Hire Company

The PSH team believes that waste management companies have a duty to reduce their impact on pollution and the environment, making efforts to be sustainable wherever possible. We are constantly growing and evolving within the waste industry. Moving from local waste collections to working on large commercial contracts, and becoming one of the first in Norfolk to officially divert 100% of waste away from landfill. 

Above all, as a family-run business that has built an enterprise from the ground up, we aim to educate other companies about corporate responsibility, and giving back to the Norfolk community. 

Zero waste

The Statistics

Since 2023, we have processed 54,332.76 tons of waste, diverting 100% of waste away from landfill, with over 15% being recycled into usable products.

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Green hills with brown skip, £1 from every hire will fund new woodland in Norfolk

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