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£1 from every hire will fund
new woodland in norfolk

We’re proud to announce that we’re working with the Norfolk Wildlife Trust to improve woodland biodiversity in Norfolk.
Over the coming 3 years we’ll be working with the NWT and the local community to add life back to a field adjacent to Foxley wood. The land in question has been a missing piece of this ancient wood for at least 1000 years, with woodland surrounding the area on three sides. We are so excited to be provided with a unique opportunity to re-establish specialist woodland species.
Thanks to our zero to landfill aim, we are already determined to ensure every piece of waste added to our skips is recycled. In addition we’re also making movements to ensure every other part of our business is environmentally friendly, from installing solar panels to provide energy for our offices, building a reservoir on site and raising money to replant local woodland.
To help fund this amazing project, every time you clean up with PSH environmental we’ll also donate £1 from your skip hire purchase to “Green Up” Foxley wood.

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Introducing woodland back to Norfolk

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Working with the local community and schools

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Regreening Norfolk, £1 at a time

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local woodland

We’re keen to protect ancient woodland in our local area which is why we contacted Norfolk Wildlife Trust to find out how we could help. Over the next 3 years we have committed to donating at least £1 from every domestic skip purchased, ensuring that we can provide essential investment to reintroduce native plants and encourage rare wildlife back to Norfolk. Join us on this unique opportunity to create woodland that generations can enjoy in years to come.

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