Clearing the way to a fresh start: Have you had an unprecedented clear-out?


Despite everything, the strange and unprecedented circumstances we all find ourselves in has provided many of us with one luxury… more time. Whilst not necessarily in a way we would have liked or hoped for, now there is no arguing with it and it’s simply a must as opposed to a want.

Nevertheless, time is something most of us have plenty of at the moment and many are rising to the occasion by ticking off and completing to-do lists we’ve mentally been carrying around with us for months, and in some cases, years.

Throughout the UK, many households have opted to tackle clearouts that have been on the cards for a little while but required a set and prolonged amount of time to do properly. Before embarking on this, we would always recommend looking into how you can remove any waste and materials correctly, however we urge customers to do this even more so with everything that’s currently going on.

At PSH Environmental, we’re still running our skip hire and waste management services during this time, adapted to accommodate the correct measures set out by the Government. To find out more about how we’re ensuring the health and safety of our staff and customers, read our latest blog post.

Therefore, we thought it would be in the interests of our customers to provide some further advice on how we can help you to dispose of specific waste accumulated as a result of varying clearouts.

How to dispose of refurbishment waste? Which skip is best for this?

For a domestic renovation project, we would typically recommend our 8-yard skip, more commonly referred to as a builder’s skip. These skips can be filled with various building materials and rubble, as well as sinks, tiles, carpets, wood, metal radiators, furniture for example. 

Depending on the scale and size of your renovation project, plasterboard removal may also be necessary. We ask all customers to make sure they do not put any plasterboard in skips being used for general waste. We can cater for plasterboard disposal, but this has to be done separately; select the correct quantity of plasterboard disposal bags to be delivered with your general waste skip, or if you’re expecting a large amount of plasterboard to be removed, call our team to arrange for a specific plasterboard skip to be delivered to your property.


Now, the size of skip required when decluttering your home will be determined on the amount you expect to get rid of. If there is a particular room you’re planning to focus on, such as the loft or garage, then our 2-yard (mini) skips will suffice – this would also work if you’re only looking to remove unwanted items from family bedrooms.

However, if the plan is to declutter room by room until your house is spick and span, you may wish to overcompensate with a 6-yard skip to guarantee everything will fit. It’s notorious for properties to house more junk than many would think physically possible, this is often why we find ourselves venturing down memory lane during a clearout after uncovering items we’d long since forgotten or lost.

Although the majority of our skips are appropriate for the removal of domestic waste, there are various items we ask customers to not put in these skips, including:

  • Fridges and freezers
  • TVs and computers
  • Items of dangerous reactions

If there is anything you come across in your clearout that you’re unsure whether it can be disposed of or not, please do not hesitate to call our team on 01603 721533 to find out.

Do you have skips for green waste (garden waste)?

All of our domestic skips, from 2-yard through to 12-yard, can be used for the disposal of green waste. 

So, if you’re using this extra time to transform your garden, ready for when visitors can come over and enjoy a BBQ, party or catch up, then we can deliver a skip for you to dump all garden waste into without thinking twice about it.

We deliver skips Monday to Friday (excluding Bank holidays) and will inform you of your collection date upon booking, ensuring you have everything gathered together in your skip ready for then. You can either book directly through our website or call a member of our team to arrange this for you.

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