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Here at PSH Environmental we’re always looking into ways to create sustainable options to create a better future for generations ahead of us. At the very core of our business is ensuring we dispose of as little waste as possible, in 2021 we were able to achieve a 99.9% landfill diversion, a statistic we’re very proud of. 

Whether we’re ensuring our skip hire in Norfolk is running as efficiently as possible, installing solar panels across our headquarters to create a self-sufficient site, or creating valuable partnerships with local companies. We’re always keen to create sustainable decisions not only for our business but for our local area. 

Local partnerships

This year we’ve partnered with the Norfolk Wildlife Trust. Over the next 3 years we have committed to donating £1 from every skip purchase to reintroduce trees back to a missing piece of woodland in Foxley. The project will provide an opportunity to reestablish specialist woodland species in the local area. 

Sustainability within our headquarters 

Following our recent expansion in Rackheath, we required a solution for the site’s surface water drainage. From this, we saw an opportunity to include biodiversity within our future plans. This is where the idea to construct a lagoon was formed. Creating the lagoon will provide a habitat for a large number of animals and wildfowl as well as creating a sustainable solution to a problem. 

The purpose of building this body of water was designed to receive and hold surface water. Building the lagoon took several months to create and included fitting a 1.8m x 3.6m interceptor to ensure only clean surface water enters it. Whilst the lagoon is still in the process of being completed, the introduction of native aquatic plants will help oxygenate the water with the potential for species of fish to thrive.

We’re keen to continue to create an ecosystem that allows wildlife to thrive, we’ve even installed a beetle house constructed by one of our very own employees. As always we’re keen to add an extra element of care and attention to every project we undertake. 

Waste Recycling

At the very heart of our business is recycling. We process up to 150,000 tonnes of waste, diverting this from landfill. Items which cannot be re-used are instead recycled to generate heat and electricity, and any wood that is collected is shredded and sent to UK biomass plants to create renewable electricity and heating. 

We pride ourselves on our meticulous processes, ensuring every step is as efficient as possible. As always we’re looking into innovative ways to streamline our service, with the key goal to reduce as much waste as possible. 

If you’re considering hiring a skip, you can book using our simple online booking form or you can contact our team on 01603 721533 today.

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