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Here at PSH Environmental, we are passionate about achieving the best environmental impact when it comes to depositing waste, whether this is from our local council or from our easy to hire skips.  

For over 16 years we have received waste from the Broadland District household wheelie bins, over this time we have made various changes to evolve how we deal with this waste. 

Prior to 2016, waste from these wheelie bins was simply transferred onto landfills. Since 2016 this waste has been sent to us here at PSH Environmental. With this, our team has been producing Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF), compacting all general waste into bales, wrapped and ready to be exported to continental incinerators, where it is then burned to produce electricity and heat.

This has been an exciting venture for us alongside our skip hire, providing us with another outlet to make use of the waste we receive from our district. 

We have been awarded a new council waste contract, allowing us to receive more waste before its onward transfer to produce energy at incinerators. 

What next?

As well as Broadland District, we will be receiving additional household wheelie bin waste from Norwich and South Norfolk as of April 2021, doubling the annual tonnage previously received. We will no longer be sending it outside of the UK, instead the company Veolia will collect all the waste from us and send it on to UK incinerators.

This has been a long time in the making but will help the UK to take great steps forward in helping our environment. Not only cutting down the impact shipping this waste has on our carbon footprint by keeping it in the UK, but also contributing to a decrease in fossil fuels being used to generate electricity and heat in the UK once incinerated. 

What does this mean for PSH Environmental?

Our plan moving forward is to invest in improvements and developments on our current yard to receive greater quantities of waste. This includes an extension to the waste transfer building and an expansion of the outdoor yard to allow greater room for movement of vehicles, for a safe and streamlined waste reception and transfer process.

We are thankful for the journey this has taken us on, and we’re excited to expand our PSH Environmental imprint on the environment. 

If you wish to use our services, please contact a member of our team on 01603 721533.

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