What is skip hire? And other FAQs


If you have never hired a skip before, it can feel like a daunting process, but that needn’t be the case.  Hiring a skip with us is a hassle free and responsible way to dispose of your waste.

We have aimed to make hiring a skip as accessible as possible. You are able to order your skip with a member of our friendly team over the phone, or alternatively you can order your skip online.

Below we have collated some of the most commonly asked questions to help guide you through the process with ease and make hiring a skip as straight forward as possible.

What is skip hire?
A skip is an open topped container, designed to carry large volumes of waste. They are engineered to be carried on the back of a specialist lorry.

The skips we use are engineered, repurposed and refurbished by our own team in order to minimise the impact on the environment.

How long can I hire a skip for?
As standard our skips are available for a week’s hire, but of course, if you find you need the skip for a longer period of time, we will try our best to accommodate this. Providing you have a valid skip permit (where required) and we have availability, you can call us to arrange an extension of your skip hire.

How much does skip hire cost?
The cost of a skip will depend on the size and type of skip you are hiring.

Our small skips start from just £100, which compared to other waste disposal options tends to be very cost effective. We offer transparent pricing, simply head over to our skip hire booking section, select your choice of skip and enter your postcode. Your price will be quoted immediately.

What happens to my skip waste, does it go to landfill?
A common misconception in our industry is that all skip waste goes to landfill. Providing you use a licensed and responsible waste disposal company, such as ourselves, your waste will not just go to landfill.

Once we have collected your skip, your waste will be carefully sorted into recyclable and non-recyclable waste.

We take recycling very seriously, and where possible will recycle what we can from your waste, from sorting aggregates to separating and pelleting plastics.

Anything that cannot be recycled is bundled and repurposed as Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) or Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF). You can read more about this process over on our recycling page, which explains exactly what happens to your skip waste

Where do skips get emptied?
Skips that are collected by our drivers are delivered back to our yard.

They are emptied into a bay, one at a time and the waste is carefully sorted to enable us to recycle as much of the waste as possible.

Is it ok to mix the waste in my skip?
Yes, it’s fine to mix different types of waste in your skip, with the exception of plasterboard and asbestos. If you have not hired a specialist plasterboard skip, we can provide you with bags for plasterboard. This enables us to dispose of this material in a safe way.

Will skips take plasterboard?
Yes, we can provide a specialist plasterboard skip in order to dispose of this bulky waste responsibly. If you only have a small amount of plasterboard, we are also able to provide polypropylene sacks, which you can bag your plasterboard up into, and place on top of your skip. We will then collect them when we collect your skip.

We take recycling very seriously, and where possible will recycle what we can from your waste, from sorting aggregates to separating and pelleting plastics.

And, what about asbestos?
If you need to supply means in order to remove asbestos from your property, we do have specialist asbestos skips available to hire specifically for this type of waste removal. Should you hire one of our asbestos skips, we do have to heed with warning that all other types of waste are prohibited from being mixed in with the asbestos.

Will skips take soil and aggregates?
Yes, we can take soil and rubble in our skips that are 8yrd or smaller. Larger skips become too heavy to move safely when they are filled with rubble or soil, so we cannot accept larger skips that contain rubble, soil or aggregates.  As with all of our waste, we pride ourselves in our innovation when it comes to sorting aggregates. Following a rigorous process, we are able to sort and separate various sizes and types of aggregate waste, allowing us to offer various sized aggregates for sale from our Norwich yard and importantly, saving this waste from going to landfill.

How do skips get delivered?
Our skips are delivered by our fully trained and experienced drivers. They are loaded on to a specialist skip lorry and lifted carefully off at your desired location. When choosing your skip, if it has a drop-down door, ensure that you select which way you will want your skip facing, in order to gain full access to the door.

What can I put in a skip?
Residential skips are for: general household waste, garden waste, paper, plastics, furniture and other bulky items that are otherwise hard to dispose of. Both residential and commercial skips can be used to dispose of building waste, rubble and soil but there are some limitations to the sizing of these, as they can easily become too heavy to manoeuvre. We can only accept soil, rubble and other matters of the likes in skips up to 8yrd.

What cannot be put in a skip?
You must not put hazardous items into your skip. These include but are not exclusive to;

  • Fridges & Freezers
  • TV or Computer Monitors
  • Liquids (Dried out solid paint is ok)
  • Fluorescent tubes and other mercury containing waste
  • Gas canisters
  • Tyres
  • Asbestos (Please, choose a specialist asbestos skip)

Plasterboard must not be mixed in with general waste, either purchase a bag with your skip to segregate the plasterboard or see our plasterboard page for more options.

If in doubt, leave it out. If you are unsure whether your materials can be placed in your skip, call us to check before booking.

Do I need a permit for my skip?
If your skip is due to be placed on the roadside it is likely that you will need a skip permit for the duration of your hire. Our staff can advise you further, call us on 01603 721533 or contact your local council for the most up to date advice. You do not require a skip permit if your skip will be kept on private land or on your driveway.

Do I need to be there when my skip is delivered/collected?
No, you do not need to be available when we deliver your skip. Space must be left for the skip to be placed and any potential access issues should be discussed prior to placing your booking.

What if I have too much waste for the skip I have ordered?
Please, do not overfill your skip. We are happy to deliver you an additional skip, providing the hire charge is paid, should it turn out you have underestimated how much waste you need to dispose of. Some skips are even available on a same day hire (call to enquire). However, if a skip is overfilled, we will not be able to collect it, so please adhere to the fill guidance.

Skip the hassle and stress of disposing of your rubbish and call us to hire a skip today.

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