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Those familiar with PSH Environmental will likely be familiar with our ‘Clean up to Green up’ campaign. Launched in February of 2022, we embarked on a 3 year plan with the Norfolk Wildlife Trust to re-establish a naturally connected woodland which will be enjoyed hundreds of years into the future. 

The plan for this includes structural preparation for example removing land drains and  installing culverts. Fencing off the area to protect new plants for deers, hungry to eat the team’s hard work. As well as hand gathering seeds from the existing ancient woodland and sowing to protect the genetic integrity of the new planting and distributing natural ground flowering plants by mowing and hay shaking from existing woodland. 

All this work is overseen by a team of professionals at the Norfolk Wildlife Trust to ensure this project gets the best start. They will be enlisting the help of volunteers, local community and nearby schools to collect and distribute seeds and cutting in the area. 

2022 was a busy year for the team, working on preparing the area and making good headway on what will eventually close the gap between the current woodland. 

Work carried out so far includes 2 culverts have been installed to allow for machinery and pedestrian access and to maintain site hydrology. Access gate has been installed and fencing erected to prevent deer accessing the area. The team have also saved the existing rabbit fencing with repairs which will further prevent any new seedlings from being nibbled. 

Woodchip and dead wood has been deposited on the enclave to promote woodland ecology and mychorrhizal associations, as well as artificial perches erected to encourage seed dispersal. (If you watch the drone footage below to the very end you’ll spot these) 

Even our team at PSH have been able to help out with 3 scrapes dug using our own machinery. As well as a ditch network and pool for diverting water from the existing drain adjacent. 

Local primary schools have even got involved,  Bawdeswell and Foulsham to help collect and plant acorns from the nearby woodland and plant in saplings from the ancient wood ride network.

This is just a small number of exciting happenings at Foxley woods. If you’re interested in this project be sure to keep an eye on our environmental page for all the latest news. Or better still why not visit the woods yourself. Foxley is located just 16 miles outside of Norwich and is easily accessed via the A1067. To help the project £1 from each skip hire is going towards fundraising for this fantastic project. Looking to hire a skip in Norfolk? Book online here. 

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