Moving House Whilst the Stamp Duty Is Reduced?


If you were considering purchasing a new home, you will undoubtedly have been very interested in the change in the stamp duty land tax that came into force earlier this month, following an announcement by Rishi Sunak in a bid to aid the economy’s recovery. 

The construction industry has experienced a huge boom as home builders and developers rush to keep up with demand, following the news that stamp duty will not be due on main properties with a sale price of under 500k until March 2021. 

This incentive has seemingly succeeded so far in reigniting a slow housing market and has already benefited those in construction, estate agencies and DIY stores. 

What to renovate before your move? 

If you are now rushing to get your home on the market, we are sure that there will be a few last minute renovations on the cards. But which renovations are the most worthwhile to undertake before putting your house up for sale? 

Careful consideration should always be given before undertaking work on your home, if you are looking to retain or maybe increase its value. Sometimes the smallest updates can be the most helpful when appealing to potential buyers.

Refinish and refresh

Take time to evaluate your property in the same way you do when looking around a potential new property. Visit one room at a time and be honest about areas that would cause you concern as a buyer, before setting out to update them. Maybe you need to re-silicone around your bath and shower or replace a tired kitchen tap, maybe you will notice damp patches that need addressing.  

Tone down outlandish or outdated colour schemes

Most people want to put their own mark on a property by redecorating once they have moved in, therefore, there seems to be little point in redecorating just to put your house on the market. That said, particularly bold colour schemes and wallpapers can put buyers off. If you have a cerise wall, coloured ceiling or Avengers wallpaper, it would be worth toning these elements down to increase your sales appeal. 

Remove old fashioned built in furniture and bulky pieces

Buyers often question what problems could be lurking behind old fitted furniture and storage. Damp is just one of the issues that can be caused by fitted or oversized furniture when it has not been adequately ventilated over time. 

Removing bulky or built in furniture will also open up a space and let in more light, allowing buyers to see the potential of your home. 

Decluttering your home 

Decluttering your home should never be overlooked. A skip hired for the weekend can soon be filled with items you’ve accumulated over the years, that tend to do nothing more than gather dust. Clearing out your cupboards and open spaces before you move not only entices prospective buyers to make an offer but will also make it easier for you when the big moving day rolls round. 

Refresh the woodwork 

We are pretty sure that no one actually likes repainting woodwork, such as skirting and doors, but that’s exactly why freshly painted surrounds are so appealing to buyers. Whilst they will likely want to add their own stamp to the home with a fresh lick of paint on the walls, knowing that the woodwork doesn’t need attending to is always a welcome surprise. 

Replace old carpets 

Tired carpets are one of the main issues that buyers just can’t overlook. So, if you are looking to make a big difference to the speed of your sale, they could be where you need to put your energy and investment. Rip up those old worn and coloured carpets, pop them in one of our skips and focus on fitting some nice new, fresh neutrals in the form of a carpet or linoleum flooring instead. 

Although the Stamp Duty holiday may directly impact those looking to buy a house for the first time or to upgrade, it’s likely you’ll require a skip when choosing to refresh your house prior to popping it on the market or as you move into your new home. Skip hire will cut down on your tip runs, giving you more time to focus on updating your property, be it old or new. 

Why not put the money you’ll save from this temporary break towards a skip and other materials and equipment to update the house and increase your chances of selling quickly?

If you are considering hiring a skip, book via our online booking forms or contact our friendly team on 01603 721533 today!

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