New Year, New and Improved Environmental Impacts


We continue year after year to be fully committed to processing Norfolk’s inevitable waste efficiently and sustainably and this year is no different. Following our extremely successful steps in the journey towards a greener future in 2023, we’re keen to ensure we keep the ball rolling and continue to take strides in the right direction this year. 

Ecological sustainability within waste recycling

At the very heart of our business is waste recycling and sustainability. We process and recycle up to 150,000 tonnes of waste, diverting 100% of it away from landfill. Last year, we managed to create systems which allowed us to do this on solar power alone. This year, we will continue to look into more innovative ways to streamline our service so we can not only process more waste but create less carbon emissions while we’re doing it. 

Further yard & skip improvements 

Our heavy investment into the yard, machinery, skips and the site’s ecology in 2023 is only the starting point for us. Entering 2024, we have been looking into how we can continue our growth and maximise our efficiency on-site while constantly pushing the boundaries for a carbon-neutral plant. 

In addition to our yard improvements, we’re taking the time to appreciate our roots of skip hire by also taking strides to improve our manufacturing, maintenance and delivery processes. This way, we can move forward and ensure that everyone in the Norfolk area has access to a skip where they can rest assured their waste is being recycled and not ending up in landfill.

2 years of clean up to green up

As we approach the 2nd completed year of our ‘Clean Up to Green Up’ campaign with the Norfolk Wildlife Trust, our excitement and sense of achievement only seem to grow. The vibrant collection of new life continues to unveil across the landscape at Foxley Wood. Young oak trees, blackthorn, baythorne, and, of course, the iconic bluebells are flourishing, promising a colourful future for this rejuvenated space. 

2024 at PSH Environmental

We have truly considered what it means to call ourselves environmental over the years, and are continuously working to create a greener economy where we can. With our innovative ideas on the rise, we’re extremely excited for the year to come and invite you to join us on the journey. Keep up-to-date with our progress this year through our blog page.
We would also like to take this time to thank all of our customers who chose us for skip hire in 2023 and will continue to help us in our journey to recycle 100% of Norfolk’s waste throughout 2024.

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