Renovating and reusing our skips


At PSH Environmental we take recycling seriously, our zero waste to landfill mantra is more than just a statement, it is a badge of honour of how proud we are to be able to process waste so effectively.

In the early days of our business almost all of our skips were made in house by Nigel, our MD.

We still make and refurbish our own skips today, with Stevie and Marty taking over the mantle from Nigel in more recent years.

Quality Skips for hire, made by us!

Because we make our skips ourselves, they are built to our own exacting specification and from heavier gauge steel than would usually be used. As a result, our skips are stronger and more durable than standard skips, for this reason they last a very long time.

Often a skip does not require a full rebuild, rather it needs some TLC to ensure it is maintained to its best and to ensure we are not throwing away parts unnecessarily.

Before sending our skips for hire, we ensure they are checked over for signs of wear and tear, meaning you are only provided with a safe skip that is fit for purpose.

The above picture shows the date of ’86 on it, meaning it is one of the very first skips ever made by Nigel for the then named ‘Parkers Skips’ in 1986. This goes to show that even our  “new” repainted skips aren’t necessarily that new at all!

How do we refurbish a skip?

If we notice any wear and tear that is of concern, we will remove that skip from service, before carrying out any necessary repairs. Marty from our team removes the floors from any skips that have seen better days. He then welds a new floor onto to the skip.

The refurbished skips are then prepped ready for painting, then sprayed with an undercoat.

We then paint them and add new reflective markers. For the final touch we then stencil our details onto them using a stencil supplied by local company Digital Sign FX.

Once the renovation is complete the skips are then delivered!

Engineering new skips for hire

Even with our rigorous recycling and repair works, due to increasing demand in hire skips in Norwich, we occasionally make our own from scratch too!

The metal is ordered and cut into the correct shape and size on-site.

The floor and walls of the skips are held in place and then welded together. The inside of the skip is painted and the outside is painted with an undercoat. Just like when we are renewing our existing skips, we finalise the top coat and stencil our logo onto the outside before sending them out for hire.

Looking for a skip to hire in Norwich? Call us today on 01603 721533 or book your skip online using our simple form on the skip hire pages.

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