The worlds first Solar powered Untha Shredder


Over the past two years, we have undergone a period of heavy re-investment to progress in the waste management industry. For us, this includes a new building, increased yard extension, wash plant, solar power system and last but not least, a new XR3000 Untha shredder all the way from Austria. 

Moving shredding on-site

Upon all of our recent reinvestments, it was the right time for us to look at a new approach to shredding on-site. Instead of transporting all of the wood we receive from skips and other waste deliveries by truck to another wood shredding facility, we thought it would be best to introduce this function to our site and save on energy and the use of fossil fuels. 

By having this great piece of machinery in our very own yard, we are not only able to process the wood we receive into a size where it can be sent to biomass, but do this much more efficiently and repurpose the biomass more effectively and for less carbon emissions than before. 

The Untha shredder

When it comes to us, it is common knowledge that we’re fully focused on our carbon emissions and how we can reduce them. That’s why, after attending a showcase in Burnley, everyone in our team was sold on the magnificent power of the Untha shredder, all run by electricity. 

​​We knew that we had found the right machine from the first look at the XR3000. As you look at the machine you can see the high-quality engineering and lengths of time that has gone into crafting such a detailed shredder. Everything about it gives us reassurance that the build quality is one that will stand the test of time. 

Our shredder specifically has been sought out with our processes in mind. The screen baskets that we chose are the 90mm chip breakers and the 130mm waste basket. These sizes specifically are crucial in providing us with the correct fraction size, enabling the most efficient way to process the wood waste and for us to be able to send the processed grade c wood directly to a local biomass plant where it is then used as a fuel to create energy. Similarly, the 130mm basket ensures we reduce the density of bulky and C/I waste in order to create a high-quality RDF that is used as energy from waste plants in Europe.

Untha Shredder

Running the shredder on solar

Though controversial, one of our first discussions, when it came to powering this shredder, included the possibility of running the XR3000 entirely on solar power. With our predicted statistics, and now the current yield of solar power from our newfound solar panels, we can say it has proven to be an efficient powering method for us and we can, very proudly, say we are the first in the world to be able to do this. 

To find out more about our venture into solar power, and why we really are PSH Environmental, read our recent article here.

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