Two Years of Hard Work at Foxley Wood with the Norfolk Wildlife Trust


Within the heart of Norfolk lies Foxley Wood, and for the past two years, we have embarked on a journey alongside the Norfolk Wildlife Trust, to preserve and transform into natural woodland. By collaborating with the Norfolk Wildlife Trust to help fund and carry out their work at Foxley Wood, we have been able to continue giving back to our local community and reducing our carbon footprint. 

Let’s take a look at what this past year has entailed for Foxley Wood. 

What’s been done

Community Engagement

Connecting communities with nature for conservation is a vital part of any long-term mission. By welcoming school visits to Foxley Wood, letting students explore the woodland, learn about its importance and spark a love for nature, we’re able to excite the younger generation to care about Norfolk’s wildlife as much as we do. 

Through engaging activities, including random planting of seeds and guided informative tours, we continue to inspire environmental consideration in young minds. These interactions remind us of the vital role education plays in our commitment to conservation. 

Volunteer groups have also played a key role in the new infrastructure at Foxley Wood by contributing their time and energy to essential maintenance tasks. From repairing the rabbit fence to clearing dead trees from the boundary of the wood, these dedicated individuals have been essential in preserving the integrity of the woodland habitat. Their hands-on involvement not only ensures the safety of the resident wildlife but also continues the sense of community towards the environment.

Brand New Deer Fence 

To further protect Foxley Wood’s growing trees from deer damage, the team took on the significant task of regenerating the deer fence. Following Forestry Commission guidelines, the team was able to close off an open section of the enclave, covering 300 meters, and repair the fence efficiently. 

This effort not only shielded the woodland’s flowers and new plants from the browsing deer but also showcased the team’s commitment to conservation and the lifeforce that is Foxley Wood. 

Tree Nursery

The need for sustainable reforestation efforts has only become more clear in the last year, so by creating a dedicated tree nursery within Foxley Wood, we can encourage growth in a controlled environment. By nurturing our cuttings and seeds from plant species in the established ancient woodland of Foxley, the nursery ensures the continuous replenishment of the forest while also promoting genetic diversity.

Through the team’s careful cultivation and monitoring, the aim is to propagate a diverse array of tree species, including those local to the region, solidifying the woodland’s ecological integrity for generations to come.

Innovative Conservation Practices

The conservation practices carried out in the last year, including excavating and groundwork by PSH’s very own Simon, has helped the ecosystem’s resilience and biodiversity thrive. 

One key initiative involved the installation of ‘leaky’ dams within the newly established ditch network. These new dams installed alongside the excavation ditches serve a dual purpose of managing water flow to prevent erosion and creating pockets of wetland habitat. By slowing down this flow of water, the ‘leaky’ dams promote the formation of pooling areas, helping the growth of wet woodland environments. This approach not only aids in water retention but also provides a vital habitat for various plant and animal species, contributing to the overall health and diversity of Foxley Wood.

The Work Continues

Over the past two years, our journey at Foxley Wood with the Norfolk Wildlife Trust has been a testament to the power of conservation. As we reflect on the milestones achieved, we are filled with a sense of pride and gratitude and are truly excited by the possibilities that lie ahead at Foxley Wood within the next year and for generations to come. 

Daniel Parker, Our Director says:

   “It has been great to see the progress at Foxley over the past two years, looking to the future I have no doubt that there will be even greater changes to come. There is a lot of passion displayed by everyone working hard at Foxley wood to create a legacy that will be enjoyed by so many in the years to come. For us to be partnered with this journey certainly means a lot for everyone at PSH.” 

Your Pound from Skip Hire

This incredible project wouldn’t have been possible without our customers. We’ve raised over £18,000 and every pound you’ve given has been crucial, whether you’ve hired a skip or used our services many times, your support has been appreciated, with £1 from every skip helping ensure the new trees’ future and funding the hard work to prepare this site for its transformation. 

What Norfolk Wildlife Trust Says

James Hogg, Corporate Partnerships Manager at Norfolk Wildlife Trust says:

“As we approach two years of amazing support from PSH Environmental, the impact is really beginning to show on the new enclave land at NWT Foxley Wood. As well as funding the clearing of ditches and building a new culvert at the entrance, PSH provided plant and a skilled operator to reprofile the drainage and create scrapes in year 1, which this year have been adapted to create pools and wet woodland, another step closer to reflecting the ancient wood surrounding the area.”

“The community continues to be involved, with local primary school children groups returning to the area to plant acorns and back in their schools look after saplings grown from the ancient genetic stock. Visitors will soon be able to follow the progress of the restoration with a new suite of informative interpretation boards and signs, also contributed to by everyone who has hired a skip from PSH since February 2022 – Thank you!”.

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