Can Skips Be Placed on the Road?


Hiring a skip is a simple enough procedure, especially with our fuss-free booking forms. However, requirements that may only seem small from the outset can have a relatively large impact on whether you choose that skip for the purpose you need it to fulfil.

Whether the skip can be placed on a roadside or not, for example, will be an important factor if you don’t have a driveway. This begs the question, can skips be placed on the road?

What skips can be placed on the road and which ones can’t?

For most skip hire companies, the catchment as to whether a skip can be placed on the road all depends on which skip size you’ve requested. At PSH Environmental, 2-yard skips right through to 8-yard skips are all fine to be set up and left on the roadside outside your property.

For skips larger than 8 yards – at PSH Environmental this includes 10-yard skips, 12-yard skips, asbestos skips, plasterboard skips, and roll-on skips – it is required that these be dropped off and left on a driveway or on site. The primary reason for this is due to their sheer size. Taking up too much space, these skips become a considerable obstruction for drivers.

What is needed if my skip is to be left on the road?

Any properties without a driveway will require the skip to be left on the roadside. Once the correct skip size has been selected for this, the next step will be to ensure you have the rights for the skip to be left there throughout the duration of your hire.

A permit will be requested by the PSH Environmental team before the skip can be dropped off to your location. If a permit is required, we will contact the Norfolk County Council, please allow up to three working days for this to be received.

In conjunction with this, there are strict policies in place about whether you can have a skip overnight or not if you reside within the city walls. To find out more information about our permit rules and requirements, check out our Permit Information Document here.

Do I need to be at home in order for my skip to be dropped off?

No. As long as all the information filled out in the booking form is correct, and we have received the permit needed in the case of a roadside drop off, then we will have everything we need in order to drop off your skip without any hiccups.

There’s no need to worry about planning your day around the skip drop off, nor any time wasted should we encounter an unexpected delay that is out of our hands.

Select the correct orientation

A few of our skips come with doors to make loading and unloading easier. These include the 4-yard skip, 6-yard skip, and 8-yard skip. As a result of this, we allow customers to select the skip door orientation when it is loaded onto the lorry. This is the way it will face when it is dropped off.

In most cases, asking for the orientation of the skip door to face the rear of the lorry will be most effective should you wish for your skip door to face your property when it is unloaded onto your driveway.

Think about what orientation would be easiest for your skip door before placing an order to increase efficiency and ease when filling it up.

Undeniably, these small requirements are actually quite important in the long run. Not having a permit ready could be costly with time wasted, whilst living in the city walls will require you to be in and able to fill it within the same day of arrival. When looking to order one of our skips online, be sure to consider these points carefully for optimum performance.

If you’re unsure about any of these requirements when hiring a skip with PSH Environmental, call us on 01603 721533 and we’ll be happy to help.

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