Winners of the Innovative Environmental Technology Award


We are thrilled to announce that we are winners of the 2024 Innovative Environmental Technology Award, part of the Business Awards UK, for our pioneering work leading environmental change in waste recycling and management. This prestigious recognition demonstrates our commitment to transforming waste management in a sustainable way and highlights our dedication to creating a cleaner and greener future for our planet.

Innovative Solar Technology

We are always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint, and innovative technology plays a key role. Last year, we installed 798 solar panels producing more than 386,000kW of energy annually, which we are able to use on site to maintain self-sufficiency alongside exporting back to the grid. Incorporating these solar panels has also significantly reduced our carbon emissions, so far saving 123.19 tonnes of carbon, equivalent to planting 80.69 trees.

Transforming Waste with Sunlight

Our solar panels are not only useful in powering our site but powering our 38-tonne solar-powered electric shredder. Our investment and working alongside Untha has allowed us to create the first solar-powered electric shredding system, and we’ve never looked back. To give you an idea of how amazing this shredder is, it can process over a tonne of wood from skips or other waste deliveries, reducing it to a size that can be sent directly to biomass in just 3 minutes! It does all of this by using sunlight instead of fossil fuels.

Initially, it might have seemed ambitious to rely solely on solar power for this powerful machine, but it has proven very effective. We are indeed PSH Environmental, so why not be that ‘environmental’?

Revolutionising Recycling Practices

Our solar-powered electric shredder not only transforms the way we manage waste but also sets a new benchmark for innovation in recycling practices. By using renewable energy, we reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, decrease emissions, and promote a circular economy. It shows how technology can create tangible, positive environmental and societal change. 

Clean Up to Green Up

We are also fully committed to preserving the environment, and in 2022, we introduced our ‘Clean Up to Green Up‘ initiative in partnership with the Norfolk Wildlife Trust (NWT). As part of this initiative, we have committed to helping the NWT restore farmland next to Foxley Wood back to its ancient woodland state. Over the past two years, our customers have helped donate £18,000 to support this important project.

Looking Ahead

Winning the Innovative Environmental Technology Award is a proud moment for us, but it doesn’t stop there. We know there will always be waste, but it is up to us to process it in an efficient and sustainable way. We believe that through innovation and a shared commitment to the environment, we can create a brighter, more sustainable future for generations to come.

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